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What are the Steps for Removing the CMOS Battery from HP Laptop?


Do you have Hp laptop and your data is corrupted or have any other problem, so it is needed to remove the CMOS battery? By removing the battery, it gives the way for correct and new content. CMOS means complementary metal oxide semiconductor. It is the backbone of laptops. It is very important for all of us to reset through battery removal for new content.

Our team of Hp Laptop Technical Support has given the solution of how to remove CMOS battery.

The steps of instructions are:-

  1. First of all, turn your HP laptop off & then disconnect the AC adapter from the power. Also, disconnect it from other sources of power if connected
  2. You must have your rubber gloves wearing before going to next step. It is important to take care of safety first
  3. Locate the battery by turning over the laptop. Now remove the battery from your system. Gently unlock the latches from both side ends of the battery and pull it upward
  4. After removing the battery; put it aside in isolated place for 30-40 minutes & at this time don’t touch it. Now depending on your laptops model, you have to leave the power bank for more than 40 minutes
  5. Now put the battery connected to your HP laptop & be sure that you closed the latches of the battery from both sides to make it stable and also it won’t fall from your system.

These are the following steps that you have to follow and you must wear gloves & be careful while doing this. While performing these steps if any issue occurs or you have any other problem, then contact us at HP Laptop Customer Service Canada +1-855-687-3777. You can also contact us through email or live chat directly at any time as we are here 24*7 hours to make you trouble-free.

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